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Floating 101

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Floating 101

Everything you need to prepare for your journey

Floatation therapy is a natural method of promoting healing and relaxation. The silky smooth water is saturated with half a ton of Epsom salts, supporting the entire weight of your body on top of the water. The experience is remarkably similar to floating in outer space and comes with a host of outstanding benefits for body, mind and soul.

The water in our Dreampods is heated to 94.5 degrees. This is the approximate temperature of the external surface of your skin and will keep you extremely comfortable during your float. After 20 to 30 minutes, you will begin to lose track of where your body ends and the water begins. This is an incredible experience that cannot be fully explained with words.

Floating quiets the mind: That background chatter we all hear full of thoughts from yesterday and anxieties about tomorrow begins to melt away. Our minds experience a peaceful silence as our brainwaves drop into the Theta range, typically only experienced in the brief moments before sleep. The more we float, the quicker we capture that silence and the longer we retain it.

This video, produced by True Rest Float Spa, is a great introduction to floating:

Please note: Float Euphoria has water and tea available in our lobby. We do not currently offer an oxygen bar.

Benefits of Floatation

Like any therapy, floating provides the best results when done consistently. Most people do see improvements after just one float, however, multiple floats are recommended to fully experience the positive life changes floating has to offer and create long-lasting results. We recommend starting with 3 floats spaced 1 week to 1 month apart and we offer special pricing on 3-float packages.

Sensory REST

Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy

Sensory REST, sometimes called Sensory Deprivation, is a method of breaking down the barriers of the subconscious. Our bodies are constantly processing sensory input. Even when we're lying still, we can feel the air on our skin and the pressure of gravity pressing our bodies into our beds. Our minds stay active, assessing our environment, observing potential threats or concerns and thinking about the next step.

REST simulates a zero-gravity environment and eliminates this sensory input. With nothing to react to, the brain enters the Theta state. This is similar to a dream state, but you are still awake, with full control over your body and mind.

The effects are far-reaching: REST alleviates physical pain, lifts depression, significantly reduces stress and increases concentration ability long past when you exit the float pod. REST facilitates the body's outstanding ability to heal itself by creating a safe, intensely relaxing environment, quieting the mind and temporarily freeing us from the outside world.

There is a large and growing body of scientific research supporting floatation and sensory REST's therapeutic benefits upon body, mind and soul. Give it a try - it might just change your life, as it did ours.

At Float Euphoria, you choose the amount of Sensory REST you are comfortable with. You can float with the lights on and the Dreampod lid open, enjoying a partial Sensory REST experience. Or close the lid and turn the lights off to enjoy a pitch black, full Sensory REST environment. Either way, you will enjoy the many outstanding benefits of floating.

Read more about the scientific evidence supporting the many benefits of floating.

Preparing for your Float

When you arrive at Float Euphoria, we will ask you to fill out some paperwork, then we'll show you to your private float suite and explain how everything works. You will have plenty of time to look over your Dreampod, touch the water and ask us questions. After locking the door you will shower, taking extra care to remove makeup, hair products, deodorants, etc. Once clean, you will put in earplugs (provided) and petroleum jelly (provided) on any cuts or scrapes to prevent stinging. Then you'll enter the pod, lie down and enjoy your float.

When your time is up, we'll wake you with soft music and a voice will ask you to exit the pod. You'll shower to rinse the saltwater off your body, then dry off, get dressed and exit the room. We will have cold water and hot tea available for you in our lobby.

When you should NOT Float

Float centers are very picky about water quality, and for good reason: Each of our Dreampods contains over 1,100 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt. Contamination of the float water requires the replacement of all salt plus cleaning to Float Tank Association and Health Department standards. A single contamination event can cost the business several thousand dollars. Here are some reasons why you should not float with us:

Please click here to review our full liability waiver, which we will ask you to sign on your first visit.

Audio Options

We offer a variety of audio options to enhance your float experience. By default, we will play our Deep Relaxation track for the first 10 minutes of your float and the last 5, with silence in between. We find this to be the ideal ratio for most floaters to reach the deeply relaxing Theta state.

If you would like to change this, simply inform the front desk when you check in.


Click on any soundtrack to download.

We're always on the lookout for new soundtracks! If you have something you would like to hear in the pod, simply email the MP3 or YouTube link to us at float@floateuphoria.com. If it plays well through the underwater audio inducers in the Dreampods, we may add it to our collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my bathing suit?
Nope! In fact, we highly recommend you float in your birthday suit for the best possible experience. Our float suites are private with their own showers and locking doors. If you prefer to wear a bathing suit, you are certainly welcome to do so.

Is the water clean?
The water in our pods is cleaner - and safer - than your tap water.

In order to achieve floatation, our pods contain a saline solution of 35-40% Epsom salts. The salts are a natural disinfectant and at these concentrations, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens cannot survive. After your float, our state of the art filtration systems prepare the Dreampod for the next guest, purifying the water a minimum of 4 times with ultraviolet light and a 10-micron filter - that's 5 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

The result: Pure, crystal clear water for every float. It's incredibly inviting. Come visit us, touch it and see for yourself.

What if I fall asleep?
You'll have the most amazing nap you've ever experienced. People frequently fall asleep while floating and many have spent entire nights in float pods. The water will support you while you nap. We'll wake you up gently and slowly with soft, soothing music when your float is over.

What about claustrophobia?
Our pods are lighted from within and have large entrances that can remain open or be closed during the float at any time. They're also quite spacious - there is plenty of room to sit up while you're inside. Simply leave the lid open and the light on after you climb in and you should not experience any claustrophobia. Our float suites are private with locking doors so you can exit the pod at any time if you feel uncomfortable.

Can I float during my period?
Yes. Simply take the same precautions you would use while swimming.

Can I float during pregnancy?
Yes. Floating provides an excellent respite from the aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

Can two people float together?
Our Dreampods are designed for only one person at a time. However, we do have two of them so you and a friend or loved one can float at the same time in your own private rooms.

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Call · (509) 940-1888 · Text