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A Bar
Great atmosphere, friendly help staff. Totally helps with my pain, it's shocking really, how much it helps.

Dora Edwards
I received a gift certificate for a massage and float and couldnít have been happier!! Iíve had professional massages in the past and this was the best one ever!! First time doing a float and was a bit hesitant at first but definitely loved it in the end. It was a great way to relax for 2 hours! Thank you!

Jessie Johnston
An amazing feeling and complete relaxation. I came out a new person no aches or pains.

Cori Hoverson
It's so wonderful and the massages are awesome! Very friendly and clean.

Tracie Ennis
The atmosphere is very serene and calm, and the staff are helpful and kind, which made the float all the better.

Jenni Kittelson
Excellent experience. I felt comfortable the entire time I was in the building. Very friendly staff.

What a great idea these people pay attention to detail and take care of everything for you.

Lisa Decker
Wow, I was mush after an hour massage and hour float. Will go again! Friendly and clean, thanks.

Tracy Clark
Very easy and not intimidating. Everything clean and relaxing. Will go back.

Steve Perry
A wonderful experience from walking in the door to leaving. Definitely worth trying if you have ever thought about it.

Vonne Marlatt
I left relaxed, comforted and the pain was gone.

DeAnne Stewart

Kiliz House
Clean, peaceful setting and very enjoyable experience. Would definitely go again and include the massage with the float experience!

Marina Garcia
The atmosphere and service are perfect! Enjoyed my massage every minute of it!

Kristi Bump
Wonderful experience! It's the most relaxing thing I've ever experienced! I'll definitely be going back!

Malia Forza
I was desperate for some relief from the aches and pains of pregnancy and a float followed by massage did wonders!

Andrea Sims
The most amazing experience. The combination of a float and massage is the best way to alleviate pain anywhere in your body.

Michelle Beden
Very relaxing. Loved every minute.

Conor Ames
Great experience, great for sore muscles and meditation.

Shera Hopper
A incredibly relaxing experience !! Professional friendly staff and beautiful facility. I highly recommend Float Euphoria

Lucas Morris
Love this place, so relaxing and soothing for the soul.

Leah Gillette-Fox
Love this place!!!!

Jacob Kestner
Great service, great massage, tranquil float pods. I was hooked instantly.

Heather Kenyon-Pew
AMAZING! So relaxing and restoring. I could feel my stress and worries just floating away. Then proceeded to have the most restful night sleep after. Super clean and friendly environment. Total YES- Iíll definitely be back, a lot! Thanks FE!

Brenda Maldonado
Looking for away to de stress and relax! This is the place to go. What a great experience. I truly feel completely renewed with just one visit and can't wait to book my next. Trust me when I say your Mind, Body and Soul will thank you.

James Krogman
So relaxing, you gotta try it.

Dana Holle
Really great facilities and great staff! The experience was pretty great too!

Joell Schilperoort
Completely amazing!!!

Manikanta Koppu
Very nice people and I really like music. I really recommend this place for good massage.

Jared Fielding
This place is as nice as the places in San Diego. I highly recommend if you've wanted to try floating to give it a shot.

Queen Stacy
My husband and I were very impressed with the staff service they were very friendly!! The massage and float were perfect!!

Darrell and Laura Niver
I would recommend this for anyone that is seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

Lorenzo Michel Jr
Great experience every time and the staff is amazing also. Would highly recommend this place.

Andrea BK
A fantastic experience all around. The facility was meticulously clean and welcoming.

Kayte Denslow
I left with a sense of calm that has stayed with me today. It was refreshing respite for an overworked mind. I will be back for more.

Gloria Pina
Loved our time at Float Euphoria! The atmosphere is nice and tranquil.

Julia Davis
I really enjoyed the massage. I also felt that the float was very relaxing and a unique experience.

Dana Roy
Walked out of there completely relaxed and refreshed! Can't wait to do it again.

Lori Banes
So relaxing.....both the massage and the float! I will definitely be back!

Kristi Stout
It's so relaxing and I always leave feeling way better than when I walked in.

Juan Garza
All I can say is Wow

It's a wonderful place to reconnect with yourself, unleash your subconsciousness, tear stress from your body, and come out feeling relaxed and calm

Tomas Santiago
Very enjoyable experience. Nice relaxing atmosphere. Very welcoming. Great for an old nagging injuries and sore muscles.

Linda Rhine
So zen...a must go.if your wanting to really relax..and unwind..going again soon..

Marisa H
Great atmosphere, friendly staff. Tranquil float with showers and hair dryer if needed. Definitely recommend massage and float combo.

Mason Schutt
First time trying a float tank and all I can say is WOW! Way worth it. Very clean and very nice staff as well.

Call · (509) 940-1888 · Text
Call · (509) 940-1888 · Text