We were introduced to floating in 2015 and enjoyed it so much, we wanted to share the experience with others. Floating is one of the best tools available today in combatting stress, anxiety and other side effects of our fast paced modern world. It is especially beneficial in conjunction with massage, so we set out to build a facility where people could do both.

We purchased our building in January 2016 and began renovations to turn our dream into reality. After more hard work than we ever thought possible, we finally finished construction and received approval from the city to open the last week of July 2017.

Philosophy & Mission Statement

"To promote healing, relaxation and reconnection in a calm, loving environment. We exist as a respite from the troubles of the world."

Float Euphoria's mission is to provide a warm, loving place of peace and relaxation where clients may experience a variety of healing modalities. We exist to serve all people and are blind to gender, race, religion, sexuality, physical or mental ability and all other issues that serve to seperate us from our brothers and sisters.

Our primary focus is to lift the spirits of all who walk through our doors. To assist them with the process of healing whatever physical, emotional and spiritual ailments are affecting their lives. To help those who have forgotten to remember who they are, where they come from and where they are going.

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