Sensory REST

Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy

REST, also called Sensory Deprivation, is a method of breaking down the barriers of the subconscious. Our bodies are constantly processing sensory input. Even when we're laying still, we can feel the air on our skin and the pressure of gravity pressing our bodies into our beds. Our minds stay active, assessing our environment, observing potential threats or concerns and thinking about the next step.

REST simulates a zero-gravity environment and eliminates this sensory input. With nothing to react to, the brain enters the Theta state. This is similar to a dream state, but you are still awake, with full control over your body and mind.

The effects are far-reaching: REST alleviates physical pain, lifts depression, significantly reduces stress and increases concentration ability long past when you exit the float pod. REST facilitates the body's outstanding ability to heal itself by creating a safe, intensely relaxing environment, quieting the mind and temporarily freeing us from the outside world.

There is a large and growing body of scientific research supporting floatation and sensory REST's therapeutic benefits upon body, mind and soul. Give it a try - it might just change your life, as it did ours.